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HD Cambodia is a private limited company that offers a range of Japanese products and services in various sectors, such as food ingredients, kitchen design, and skincare. We believe that equality is not just a product, but a way of life. By sourcing our products from Japanese companies that are committed to fair labor practices, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility, we are proud to play a role in promoting a more equitable world.


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Haruko.Daiki Co.,Ltd

Haruko.Daiki Co., Ltd is a private limited company located at St348, Building28, Phnom Penh. HD holds several other names under its roof such as Marutomo, Takara standard, HDJL, and a wide range of Japanese Skincare Products.

Dashinomoto Cambodia

Founded in 1918, Marutomo is a food processing and manufacturing company that offers bonito packs, bonito flakes, dried sardines, dashi no moto, mentsuyu, and chilled products. It locates in 1969 Kominato, Iyo, Ehime, 799-3192.

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Takara standard Enameled System Kitchen Headquarter

Takara standard

Takara Standard, founded in 1912, is the pioneer company specializing in manufacturing high-quality enameled products. With over 330 showrooms and branches around the world, we are proud and confident of the modular cabinet system we have.

HD Japan Logistics

Haruko Daiki Japan Logistic is a start-up company responsible for oversea cargo delivery from Japan to Cambodia. 

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